Monday, June 22, 2009

Camping Memorial Day Weekend

Allison playing ball with Lexi

Lexi acting innocent.

Best part about camp, Jeff cooks!!!

Our tent!

My silly boy!!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Life

Well, I still can't get any pictures on here, but here is what is and has been going on with us. Since school has been out the kids have been pretty good. Last week they all three went to vacation bible school here in Bay. It lasted for two and a half hours every night for 5 nights. It was a much needed break for me! The kids really enjoyed it!
Lexi has a friend coming over tonight and for the day tomorrow. She also has a dentist appt. in the morning at eight to get a tooth pulled and she is not at all happy with me for making this appt. She keeps telling me that her tooth will fall out when it is ready!! But the dentist recommended we get it pulled because it was making the other tooth come in crooked. Maybe with her friend being here it will take her mind off of it a little and make it easier. I take Lexi to meet her Daddy Aaron in Searcy on Thursday night. She will be going with him Friday morning to Indiana until Monday and will come home sometime next week. She wants to stay all week but doesn't know if she will get home sick or not. So we are playing that one by ear.
Jeff and I and the other 2 kids are going to Hector for the 3 days this Father's Day Weekend! Hope to see some people we haven't seen in a while. Big family plans for Father's Day at mom and dad's. Cook out , homemade ice cream, and fun times!
Last night we went to the Jonesboro Library for family night and we all got to tie dye our own shirts! We, or at least I, had fun doing that! Over all we are doing great, just going to survive the summer and then we will go back to school! I will be substitute teaching in elementary! I am very excited about it. Bradley will be in Kindergarten. Can't believe it! Anyway, I will quit rambling on and go for now.