Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Some of My Friends From High School

Just a few pictures of the past that I had on the computer. I know I have more but they must be real pictures and not on the computer. I love all my friends that I graduated with and wanted to bring back some memories of some of our get togethers since we have been out of school. I don’t know where Ang and Allison were when we had this one but I’ll look harder and try to find some of the ones of us at Italian Gardens.

This one is of Susan Pruitt and her daughter Meagan. She is embarking on a wonderful journey of missionary work! You will be missed and God Bless your family.


The Slaughters said...

No. No. No need to go digging around for pics of me!! Plus, the last time I remember getting together at I Gardens, I was fat and pregnant. Oh my. No need to see that! I don't know where I was in these pictures. Looks like Christmas. I do think I remember missing one Christmas get together. : ( We need to get together more often.

Shannon and Susan said...

Oh, your so sweet. I will keep in touch!